The PA200-10 preamplifier module is designed to be used with Photek detectors using 2 or more micro channel plates as they produce a small fast electrical pulse for each photon or particle passing through the detector. The PA200-10 is to be used in close conjunction with these detectors to amplify the timing pulses for connection by a 50 ohm cable to oscilloscopes or other fast timing electronics.


  • 3dB Bandwidth 2GHz (typical)
  • Rise time 180 ps
  • Jitter Less than 10 ps
  • Gain 20dB non-inverting max input 400 mV
  • Output 50 ohm SMA


  • Preamplifier for photomultipliers and time of flight detectors
  • Takes timing pulses from vacuum compatible detectors, IPD's and other Photek photon imaging detectors.

Standard Product

This list constitutes the standard product range from Photek. To talk further about these products or the custom design of a preamplifier for your application then please contact us

Photek Part No.
2 GHz 20db gain preamplifer