Photek is the world leading manufacturer of MCP photomultiplier tubes for analysis of ultra fast optical phenomena in a range of applications including, LIDAR, nuclear physics and time correlated photon counting. Photek manufactures 10, 25 and 40 mm photomultipliers for use in the UV, visible and NIR spectrum. Photek's photomultipliers are the fastest in the world with pulse rise times to 60 ps and pulse FWHM to 100 ps. For applications where gating is required the Photek photomultipliers can provide gated speeds to 2 ns.


  • 10 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm active diameter
  • Single, chevron or z-stack MCP options
  • UV, Solar Blind, Visible and NIR responses
  • Rise time to 60 ps (model dependant)
  • FWHM to 100 ps (model dependant)
  • Single photon jitter to 28 ps
  • Multi-photon jitter below 10 ps
  • Fast pulse output linear up to 1 A
  • Fast gating to 2 ns
  • Integral 50 ohm output


  • Analysis of fast optical pulses
  • Cherenkov light detection
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Particle & Nuclear physics
  • Single photon counting fluorescence
  • Time correlated photon counting

Standard Product

This list constitutes the standard product range from Photek. To talk further about these products or the custom design of a photomultiplier for your application then please contact us

Photek Part No.
10mm Active Diameter Photomultiplier, 110 ps FWHM, 5E3 gain
10mm Active Diameter Photomultiplier, 150 ps FWHM, 1E6 Gain
40mm Active Diameter Photomultiplier, 450 ps FWHM, 5E3 Gain
40mm Active Diameter Photomultiplier, 850 ps FWHM, 1E6 Gain