Photodetector and Camera Accessories

Products include: Dark Box, Light Sources, Detector Cooler, Sample Stage

Photek Ltd is a leading manufacturer of photon detectors including the industries most extensive line of Image Intensifiers, Imaging Photon Counters and Intensified Cameras. To help our customers concentrate on obtaining their experimental data, we have developed a line of photodetector peripheral devices including light-tight dark boxes, light sources, detector cooling systems and a temperature controlled sample stage. These devices have been designed to easily integrate with Photek’s photodetectors, electronics and Image 32 software. A complete experimental set-up can be configured and tested as a system prior to shipment, providing confidence that your time will not be wasted trying to get hardware and software to work together. If you require components not shown here, contact Photek's technical experts to discuss your requirements and a customized solution can be proposed. Or, if you are upgrading an existing system, we can help you determine the best detectors and peripheral devices for your application.


  • Guaranteed compatibility with all of Photek's photodetectors, intensified cameras and electronic accessories
  • Control all functions of these devices through the Photek Image32 software, or install Photek provided software drivers for custom integrations
  • Photek's team of technical experts can help you design the perfect experimental set-up for your application
  • Extensive experience providing customized solutions based on modifications to the products in this brochure and/or products from long-time industry partners
  • Industry leading after-sale support to keep your experiments running smoothly
  • On-site set-up and training available to ensure trouble-free commissioning of catalog or custom systems
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Photodetector and Camera Accessories