IPD Photon Counting

The Photek IPD3 is based on a true single photon counting sensor that uniquely provides simultaneous position and timing information for each detected photon. The camera outputs a continuous stream of photon detection location and time (x, y, t), with a spatial resolution of 100 μm and a timing resolution of 10 ns. The IPD3 is perfect for continuous imaging of processes with very low light levels over wide fields. The high resolution time tagging enables 100% duty cycle imaging of time resolved events. The IPD3 is highly customisable, with multiple options of image plane formats, high sensitivity photocathodes and accessories that can be combined into complete turn-key systems. Operation has never been easier thanks to the plug-n-play USB interface, fully integrated power supply and intuitive Image32 software.


  • Noiseless photon counting
  • High resolution position and time stamp for each photon
  • Continuous data acquisition
  • Variety of high QE, low noise photocathodes covering full UV to visible wavelengths
  • Fully integrated high voltage power supply
  • USB interface
  • Easy to use software


  • Wide Field Time Correlated Single Photon Counting
  • Bioluminescence Imaging of Luciferase and Aequorin
  • Chemiluminescence Imaging
  • ATP-Bioluminescence Studies
  • Time resolved spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging
  • Missile Warning
  • Astronomy
  • Microtitre plate readers
  • Autoradiography
Photek Part No.
Image Photon Detector Camera System