Intensifier Cooling

The Photek PTC-3 intensifier cooling system is designed to operate with image or photon counting intensifiers where the dark count needs to be reduced. The PTC-3 can cool an image intensifier to a minimum of -40°C (continuous) thus reducing a detector's dark noise count from around 2000 counts/s (under some circumstances) to less than 20, with no loss of red response. An imaging, or photon counting device which incorporates cooling, is supplied with a Peltier housing around the tube. This needs only to be connected, using the supplied connectors, to either a water supply or re-circulator and the PTC-3.

Standard Product

This list constitutes the standard product range from Photek. To talk further about this product or the custom design of the image intensifier cooling system for your application then please contact us

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Image intensifier cooling system