Camera Systems Overview

Photek has been developing and manufacturing camera systems for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications since 1991. Based on cutting edge technology, Photek's camera systems are renowned for performance and reliability to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. We are also able to customise designs to match the specifications required by an individual application.

The range includes unique camera systems for Photon Counting, with our HRPCS and IPD cameras; High Speed Intensified Imaging, with our iCMOS160, and for Photon Limited Biological Applications, the Lumintek EMCCD.

HRPCS Photon Counting

The HRPCS photon counting camera systems are unique as they provide the ability to capture and integrate an image in real time.

IPD3 Photon Counting

The Photek IPD3 is based on a true single photon counting sensor that uniquely provides simultaneous position and timing information for each detected photon.

iCMOS 160

The iCMOS 160 represents the latest advance in high speed intensified imaging. Its market leading speed of 160 frames per second at full resolution, coupled with optional ultra-fast gating, enables higher sensitivity measurements in a wide range of time resolved applications.

Lumintek EMCCD

The Lumintek EMCCD camera system provides a cost-effective solution for photon limited biological applications, making the technology available to any laboratory.

Key Applications Include:

  • Astronomy
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Analysis of fast optical pulses
  • Bio and Chemi-luminescence
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)
  • Wide Field Time Correlated Single Photon Counting
  • Live Cell Imaging

All our camera systems are supported by Image32, Photek's image processing and data acquisition software.

Photek also supply a wide range of accessories to support your application. Products include, Dark Box, Light Sources, Detector Cooler and Sample Stage.

Please see the individual product pages for more details of our range of cameras.